Women’s Health Month

In honor of Mother’s Day, our May “End of the Month for a Cause” asks participants to submit a few sentences answering: what is the best lesson you learned from your mom?  For each submission received, we will make a donation to The Heart Failure Society of America! Send your submissions tokhurd@res-title.com by Friday, May24!

Thank you for participating! Check out these great lessons we received:

“The best lesson I learned from my mom is perseverance.  Through any hardships or troubling times, my mother always just continued on.  Continued on trying, working, supporting.  She never stops trying.  There are many times in our lives that we feel defeated, but my mom has shown me you can’t let anything stop you.  You must continue towards your goals and what you want.”

Regina Braga | Chief Operating Officer

“The best lesson that I learned from my mom was that life is too short to not enjoy everyday.”

Carol Leca | Commercial Division Manager

“The best lesson my mom ever taught me was to work hard. If you want something and you work for it.”

Brooke Solomon| National Sales Manager

“Always make sure you wear lipstick with a baseball hat.”

Rachel Lesperance | Title One / Commercial Paralegal

“My mom always said to me when I would go out with my bestfriend/cousin/boyfriend, whoever, “cerebro na cabaca”, my best friend and I still say that when we go out, lol.  Now I catch myself translating it and I tell my kids always “Make good choices.”  I feel like I have to say it whenever they go somewhere like my mom did for me.”

Rose Campbell | Pre-Closing Assistant

“You can say or do almost anything as long as you do it with a smile.”

Rebecca Jenkins

“My mom showed me how rewarding it is to be a caring person.  She demonstrates every day the importance of caring for yourself, caring about the work you do and always caring for others when they need it.”

Kate Hurd | Marketing Director

About Loni…

Sharing her Women’s Health Journey with us is Alessandra “Loni” LaReaux-Addison, who has managed the Title Policy Department here at Res/Title since 2017. She is fun, caring, and also has a real flair for interior decorating. Loni is also a survivor of Sudden Cardiac Deaththe heart develops arrhythmias that cause it to stop beating. 

“We, as women, experience Heart Attacks and Heart Failure symptoms differently than men, so it is imperative to know all the signs,” Loni said.

Loni’s career in Real Estate began after a Realtor failed to help her through the successful closing of her first home in California.

“It was then that I swore that never again would I, or anyone I know, go through that. I started taking real estate courses the following month,” she explained.

Passionate to make a difference in the field, Loni’s real estate career began in 2003 as a Loan Processor. Two years later, she was a Real Estate Sales Agent; and then she received her Real Estate Broker’s License in 2007.  After 10+ years in the industry, in 2013, she married her husband (Terry), who retired her and relocated her from California to his home in Rhode Island.Terry had retired as an Associate Dean at Brown University at the same time.  For the next four (4) years, they lived a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

However, not one to stay stagnate, Loni had an overwhelming desire to practice real estate again. But, after taking two (2) real estate courses at Roger Williams University (Providence, RI), she quickly realized that the real estate practices between California and Rhode Island were too vast to pursue; however, she still wanted to work in the real estate industry.

“When I started at Res/Title, I discovered that I loved handling title policies. They were a challenge and fun for me,” she explained. Her goal was to become “The Master of Title Policies.”

“I would have to say that the most rewarding part of my job is Management Appreciation,” Loni explained. “They (Meghan, Regina, and Jim) had faith and trust in me that after a 4-month medical leave that I would return and could manage the Title Policy Department.  And for that, I am forever grateful.”

Loni Shares her Story…

“In the spirit of honoring our Mothers, I would like to share with you how my mother helped me to recover from Congestive Heart Failurea condition where the heart does not pump blood as well as it should, which can occur when the heart muscle is too weak, or when another defect prevents it from circulating blood properly, which led to Sudden Cardiac Death.

After one (1) month of being diagnosed with this potentially fatal condition, on November 11, 2017 at 10:30 pm, I passed away on the Trauma Table at Rhode Island Hospital. The cause of death was Sudden Cardiac Death (the heart develops abnormal rhythms—arrhythmias—that causes it to stop beating), due to Ventricular Tachycardia (the arrhythmias caused abnormal electrical signals in the lower chambers of the heart). In my case, it was my left ventricle, which is an extremely critical part of the heart anatomy because it is the chamber solely responsible for pumping all the blood and oxygen we need to the rest of our body.

Unfortunately, my left ventricle hosted a clot, which was hindering my ability to sustain life. And to top it off, after my heart stopped, I suffered from Pulmonary Edema, whereby fluid accumulated in the air sacs of my lungs, causing Respiratory Failure, which suffocated me!

Fortunate for me, God still wants me here, which I believe is the only reason why He aligned all the forces to save my life that night. I happened to be at the right place (Rhode Island Hospital’s Cardiovascular Care Unit), at the right time (Saturday night), and surrounded by the right Medical Staff (the Trauma Intensive Care Unit and Cardiovascular Specialist Teams). As a result of their expertise, I was dead for only two (2) minutes before they were able to resuscitate me, after three (3) attempts. My family and I are forever indebted to them.”

About The Heart Failure Society of America

The HFSA works to improve and expand Heart Failure Care through collaboration, education, research, innovation, and advocacy. Their goal is to significantly reduce the burden of Heart Failure in patients and families worldwide.

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