Kate with a banner she made for our flagship charity, St Mary’s Home for Children

Take a look at Res/Title’s website, latest newsletter or the social media post that got you here – – they are all the work of our gifted and determined Marketing Director, Kate Hurd.  Since Kate joined Res/Title in 2017 she has worked to unify its branding to the sophisticated level that exists today.  Part of Kate’s recent passion at Res/Title has been assisting with the End of the Month for a Cause program. So, although she prefers to be ‘behind the scenes’, it is with eagerness that we use the program to highlight a cause close to her heart – the “Disneyworld of Doctors” as she refers to it at Boston’s Children Orthopedic Center.

Kate’s experience with the Boston’s Children Orthopedic Center began on her mother’s instinct.  Like all young children Kate had been screened for scoliosis both at school and by her local primary care physician.  For many years, she went through this without a second thought – that was until a gym teacher at school noticed something slightly off about the curvature in her spine and recommended that she get an X-ray.  When the determinative answers still didn’t come, her mom brought her to Boston to get additional help.  It’s there that they got the news – it wasn’t just an anomaly – with absolutely no symptoms or warning, Kate was suffering from a 45% curvature in her spine.  If it wasn’t dealt with through surgery, she would most certainly end up crippled. 

In the blink of an eye, Kate was forced to give up her normal teenage life at 15 years old.  The 12-hour operation took place just after Thanksgiving featuring a revolutionary procedure by Dr. Karlin.  After 8 long days in the hospital, she was released to yet another hospital bed in her home where she spent the remainder of her sophomore year.  Through the long hospital stay and the hours of physical therapy that followed, Kate still remembers one thing the most:  the care of the staff at Boston Children’s.  Their efforts to continually go above and beyond helped calm what was an otherwise traumatic experience for a teenage girl.

Before and After Kate’s Spine Fusion

This month join us in supporting Boston’s Children Orthopedic Center by telling us about how you got started in the real estate industry.  As every event that happens in our life leads us down a certain path, Kate’s story grew her into the person she is today.  We want to know how you became the professional person you are today in this industry.  Fill out / color one of our houses and share your support.  We will make a donation for every response received.

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