Share YOUR PHOTO & We Will Donate 1 ITEM to Troops 💛

Celebrating our nation’s Independence Day, this July Res/Title will be fundraising for From Homes to Our Heroes, a homegrown organization created by marine moms. We are asked you to submit a picture showing signs of patriotism and for every photo submitted we will donate an item.  Email your photo to before July 26.

Look at these great photos we received!

From Homes to Our Heroes

Our cause this month is in honor of a Marine Mom herself: our Commercial Division Manager, Carol Leca.

Her youngest son, 23-year-old Jared is currently currently stationed in San Diego.  He has also been deployed in Japan and South Korea. As an active marine he may only be home for a few days at a time, including 12 days this upcoming August.

“Jared wants to protect our country from those who hurt it,” she said. “It’s so admirable but so scary for us moms; it’s hard knowing that almost anything can happen.”

From Homes to Our Heros sends care packages to marines who usually have to eat vacuumed packed meals- they send everything from beef jerky and Pringles to more useful items such as sun screen, deodorant, and razors.

“You don’t think about troops being stuck in remote locations away from their friends and families,” she said. “Sometimes soldiers are out in the middle of the ocean or in areas where they are unable to buy what they need.”

Meet Carol

Carol’s office is decorated with pictures of her three sons and “Proud Marine Mom” banners.  As the Commercial Manager, she works hard overseeing the closing process for all of our commercial loans and managing the workflow within her team.

Carols’s career began at an attorney office doing title work before joining our team in 2001. She originally attended CCRI aspiring to be a nurse.   Her interest in the industry came from taking a job with an attorney where she went back to school and learned about title searches and commitments. 

During her 18+ year tenure at Res/Title, she grew to her current role. Managing commercial files can be more complex than residential, which Carol finds rewarding. She enjoys how knowledgeable the commercial clients are to work with and assisting new clients through the closing process.

In addition to the From Homes to Our Heros programs, she participates in the Rhode Island Blue Star Moms.  In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing with her grandchildren.

Carol can be reached at Keep up the good work Carol!