Due to COVID-19, many hospital workers are working long hours and in need of nutritious meals. At Res/Title Inc, we want to do our part in keeping healthcare workers fed with no cost to them! We will be donating $500 and an additional $10 for each submission to Frontline Foods, supporting hospitals in Boston and Philadelphia. 

Send a photo of how you are staying safe with your new co-worker or work space to rbraga@res-title.com by April 24th and we will make a donation on your behalf.

About Frontline Foods

Frontline Foods supports healthcare workers with healthy meals from local kitchens. The organization has a network of volunteers that work with restaurants, hospitals and other medical facilities to feed those working on the frontline. 100% of money donated goes directly to the restaurants serving hospital workers.

Frontline Foods has many chapters in major cities throughout the nation. Res/Title operates Purchase Centers in both the Philadelphia and Boston areas, where ER and ICU units are currently overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. Frontline Foods will allow us to donate directly to these cities, in hopes to alleviate some of the stress these hospital workers are under. So far the organization has raised 1.1 million dollars and delivered 7,330 meals throughout the U.S. We are excited to support such an important organization during this time!

Thank you for your support!