Today marks a very special day. 25 years ago today our Operations Manager, Dena Robinson, began her career at Res/Title. Our CEO, James Paolino, interviewed Dena and hired her on the spot. He recalls, “25 years ago, I did something that I had never done before and have never done since – hire a prospective applicant during the interview. That applicant was Dena Robinson… and boy did I nail it!”


To say that Dena has been instrumental to all of our successes is a gross understatement. Her calmness, intelligence and awareness has brought Res/Title through some very difficult times. Dena goes above and beyond for our clients as well as the other Res/Title employees. Aside from being a supportive manager to over 20 employees across our Production Divisions, Dena is known at the company for her sense of humor. Our Title Operations Manager, Meghan Conners, calls these her “Dena-isms”.


Our Disbursement Specialist, Carol Leca, has been working with Dena for countless years and still remembers her first few days working with Dena at Res/Title. “On day two of working here, she asked me if anyone had shown me how to answer the phones.” Dena brings fun to all situations.


When asked to share something about Dena, our Chief Operating Officer, Regina Braga, said, “It’s hard to pick just ONE memorable moment with Dena over the years. Then I realized that’s because when it comes down to it ALL the Dena moments are memorable. Whether it’s her ‘Let’s do this attitude’ or her running through the office to go fix a problem – she always keeps us moving forward and inspires those around her (me) to do the same.”


Director of National Business Development, Laura Paolino, has grown up side-by-side with the company and has known Dena for almost her entire life. “When I think of Res/Title – I think of Dena. This company wouldn’t be the same without her.”


It’s clear that Res/Title struck gold when Dena joined the team. Please join the Res/Title family in congratulating Dena on her 25th Anniversary!