Why is Spear Phishing a Threat? 

Wire fraud has been threatening the safety and security of large and small businesses alike, becoming a growing problem in the Real Estate and Title Industry.  When the National Association of Realtors asked a group of Real Estate Professionals if they knew a colleague who had or if they themselves had ever worked with a client who felt victim to wire fraud, over one third answered yes.

Accounting for 5 billion dollars in losses, a cyber-attack known as Spear Phishing is becoming a huge concern in our industry.  Not only are phishing emails hard to detect, but the malicious email attempts to mimic a non-malicious email, often pretending to be a co-worker or trusted associate.  Simply put, familiarity is what sets spear phishing apart from regular cyber attacks.

In a Phishing email, everything will look flawless- it will even warn the reader not to fall victim to fraudulent emails.  The hacker will pretend to be someone you trust. This technique is called Social Engineering and refers to “psychological manipulation” that is meant to trick users. The alarmingly growing number of reported phishing incidents includes legislation, user training, public awareness, and technical security measures. It is important to watch out for these convincing emails.

The attacker starts by gathering information about the intended target. By limiting the targets, it’s easier to include personal information like the target’s first name or job title and make the malicious emails seem more trustworthy.

Recognizing the anatomy of Spear Phishing can help protect you from an attack.

We’ve broken down the process into 12 steps…


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