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Rachel’s Story

The ability to recognize the warning signs of a heart attack is crucial to saving a life. Res/Title Commercial Paralegal, Rachel Lesperance, understands the importance of this first hand.  Losing her father to an unexpected heart attack last October has been a tragedy and eye-opener for her.

“These signs are not something to ignore,” she explains.  She felt doctors were very nonchalant about her father’s symptoms because they weren’t the common ones such as a numb arm or chest pain. “It’s just very frustrating to realize.”

Her father, Steven P. Lesperance, was your average, fit, 59-year-old.  He was often fatigued and had high cholesterol, but doctors weren’t concerned. After a trip to the ER, he was sent home being treated for Shingles when the fatal heart attack happened five days later.

“He had all the other signs of a heart attack like cold clammy hands and tiredness.  It was like his body was trying to tell him something.” Rachel said. “Do not hesitate to be checked by a doctor if you have any of the symptoms.”

Beyond the Sign: Know Your Hospital

If you expect you or your family member is at risk, please contact your local hospital to find out if there is a CATH lab there, which allows patients in need to undergo a heart surgery if taken there under an attack.

About Rachel

Rachel has been a member of the Res/Title team for the last 3+ years.  It is easy to be drawn to her caring, upbeat personality and dedication to the company.  As part of our Commercial Division, she handles the pre-closing preparation of files and is the dedicated Paralegal for our Title One Division “I love it here. These girls are my family,” she explained.

She obtained her degree in Restaurant and Food Management but decided the industry wasn’t for her. When she got a job as a file clerk for a law firm, her career path changed.

“I decided foreclosures took a little piece of my soul,” Rachel said. “I started at the bottom here at Res/Title and worked my way up.”

Thank you for watching!

To Rachel for sharing her dad’s story and showing others these warning signs can make a huge difference.

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